About Us

As a sophisticated name in skin care and wound care, EpiCare boasts advanced and innovative skin care creams, anti-aging topicals, and cleansing device products. Among the devices is our Spa Sonic® Face and Body Polisher. Established and family owned for over 10 years, we pride ourselves on quality and efficiency. Our mission is to bring our high end spa level products to the masses through affordable price points, without sacrificing quality.

With a wealth of experience, we research, test and oversee everything at our cGMP manufacturing facilities. The same quality and philosophy goes into our offerings including our Spa Sonic® Cleansing System. This product also has the advantage of being tested as comparable to the leading national skin cleansing brand –Clarisonic®.

Our customers include Ulta, CVS, Costco, Target and numerous high end Salon and Spa Chains, and dermatologists practices. EpiCare will continue to create progressive and highly effective products for all your skin and beauty needs.